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Citron Blogger Template

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Published: March 16, 2022
Last Update: April 27, 2024
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Template Details :- Citron blogger template is a super amazing professional and high-quality blogger template that provides various unique features that you can use on your blogging website. This blogger template is very professional and unique with a colour and font style layout. In this blogger template, we have added an automatic water flow system that animates and provides a unique look and beautiful design. Also, you can notice that in this premium blogger template, we have added automatic box animations that flow from bottom to top with little shade effects. These types of premium features have been added to the Citron blogger template to make it more professional. The loading speed of this premium blogger template is amazing and also the page size is very lightweight, which makes the template more flexible.

Whenever Google roll out any new update regarding major search engine updates, there are various guidelines that they have put for the developers to make changes in templates and we are always ready to make those changes in our blogger templates and provide the new updates to our customers throughout the email and also we are updating our official articles, where you can easily check the change log that what type of changes that we have made for the more announcement and better results with light page size by making these optimisations, we are decreasing the webpage size and increasing the rendering speed.

If you worry about your website performance and health score, always try to use to date updated blogger template for your blogger website so that there will be no effect of Google algorithm, updates or something major changes that have been made by Google or other search engines because our premium and professional blogger templates always in compliance with these guidelines and rules. Using advanced professional blogger templates, not only makes you move much forward in future for the blogging journey.

Even you can get more rich results in a better way. Premium quality free blogger templates provide various features that are very handy when it comes to ranking your website in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. When you start making customisation on your blogger template, remember that do not make so many changes in your text font style and text colours because this will affect the audience’s visibility when they read your article and content. This will downfall your page impression always try to make your website more simple and colourful, so that your text is visible with less distraction.

When you start writing the articles and putting the images in your articles, make sure that you have given proper tags for your images because this is important Google uses bots for understanding your web page. There are no real humans that can understand your page. That's why using my tags will enable you to understand Google, and how your content style gives signals to Google bots about what they are telling about for what type of information you have published. Many bloggers make different types of colours in their responsive blogger templates that are mismatched in the design. Always try to maintain one colour format that we provide by default within a template making so many useless changes that will affect your blogging experience for your audience.
highlighted features highlighted features highlighted features
- Template Features -
Core Web Vitals Fixed(new) Content Pagination(new)
Exclusive Native Feed(new) Json-LD Data(new)
SEO Improved(new) Post Cards(new)
Portfolio Look Elegant & Clean Template
100% Responsive Theme Featured Post Gadgets
Mobile Friendly Template Ads Ready Blogger Templates
SEO ready Theme Adsense Friendly Theme
Multiple Columns Support Schema, rich snippets Support
SEO meta tags Fully SEO Optimized
Comments System Support Latest FontAwesome Icons
Theme Designer Support Admin Panel Layout
Fast Loading Blogger Template Custom 404 error page
5 + Columns widgets support Static Menu & Sidebar
Professional featured section Blogger New Framework
Unlimited colors support Mega menu and Sub menu
Customizable Template Details documenation file
Customs widgets support
Multiple thumbnails support
Template Author :- Piki Templates
- V.1.9.0 (19 November 2023) - Customize "Related Posts" from Layout easily. - Sticky Sidebar/Menu options moved to Theme Designer. - Added New Posts Ads Shortcode becomes flexible and easy to set up. - Minimize theme coding into less code and faster loading. - Free Versions are also updated with fewer features. - Better automatic website translation from multiple languages. - Speed Enhancement and Minor Bugs Fixed. - Box Mode added into Theme Designer. - Hide/Disable In-Articles ads from particular posts/pages easily. - Enable Automatic Ads from the Top and Bottom Pages from the Layout. - Multiple type "Comments Box" support more flexibility. - Simple setup and more features check our documentation. - Optional Update (24 September 2023) — Added: New Twitter logo “X” is now supported. — Updated: Default Twitter logo updated to “X”. - V.1.8.0 (05 September 2023) - Fixed "random" shortcode not showing random posts - PostCard shortcode now supports random post - More Fonts support from blogger 'Theme Designer" section - V.1.7.0 (01 July 2023) - Posts speed 92+ in Google Page Test - Fixed Posts low speed improvements - Reduce Template size and fast loading - Fixed table CSS and optimized javascript - Reduce comment section rendering faster - Same Version (01 May 2023) - Optional Update - Fixed Post author hide/show from layout - New Flexible look layout - Fixed Archive List widget section - Little Minor Bugs Fixed - V.1.6.0 (08 January 2023) - Added Post Cards - Added Post Split (Content Pagination) - Added Native Feed System - Added Awesome Ajax Search - Added Unlimited Ads Placements - Core Web Vitals Fixed - Eliminated Blogger Feed - V.1.2.0 to V.1.5.0 (13 May 2022) - Fixed comment box error due to blogger new update - Fixed youtube thumbnail error - Fixed megamenu down arrow in mobile view - Fixed optional use of dark logo - Fixed comment alert message from setting - Fixed minor bugs - V.1.0.0 (16 March 2022) - Initial Stage Release - Update Download Featured section
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