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Template Details :- Missile Blogger template is a Portfolio category template with amazing animations on scroll window effect we didn't use any third-party integration of plugins for animations template is pure clean and flexible with our code the response time of this template is awesome when it loads on used mobile or desktop. we have done high-level Optimisation faster speed with an SEO-friendly blogger premium professional template. we made it very easy for every user that can install the template without any HTML coding. we have used the blogger default widgets like link list text widget and other widgets which helps the user to install template easily. Download this template today and use it on your blog. this template comes with an author widget and project widget which looks professional with its animations. In this template, you can adjust different links at the menu on the homepage and different menu links at post and pages you can also set your own links that is a different menu this doesn't affect your blogger speed because we have used conditional tags to display on-demand when it needed to display on your blog also we have created full homepage and in the sidebar, it is not hidden it is permanently disabled when it needed then it loads. These things create a template faster.
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